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Our Story

In December 1994 Keith Giagnorio officially opened the doors of Gianorio's Pizza & Pasta of Lombard.  He hoped to fill a void in the town for homemade pizza and pasta using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients.  Keith has always wanted Gianorio's to be all about the food.  It is a no-frills establishment that is still doing things the old fashioned way.  Every day you can find dough and sauce being made from scratch in our kitchen, fresh vegetables being hand chopped to go on pizzas, or meatballs being hand formed to go in the oven. But why no delivery?!?  Well, what started as an experiment in an attempt to keep the business more manageable with two young children at home, has become a great asset and part of the culture of Gianorio's.  By having our customers come in to pick up their orders we have been able to get to know so many of them on a personal level.  We know their children, we share laughs and have formed relationships that simply would not exist were it not for that pesky carry-out only policy.  After over 20 years Keith continues to own and operate the restaurant along with his wife Angela, two children Joe and Ashley, and an exceptional staff of skilled pizzas makers.  Gianorio's is dedicated to Lombard and its residents and proudly supports many local groups and charities.  We are extremely grateful to our loyal customers and hope that Gianorio's remains a part of Lombard for many, many years to come!

Fundraising Opportunities

Looking to raise funds for your community, school or atheletic group/organization?? 


Gianorio's proudly offers fundraising opportunities to many local groups!

It's simple: Set a date, spread the word and Gianorio's will donate 10% of sales you bring in to your cause!!


Call us at 630-495-9000 or email for more information!


*Fundraiser dates can be scheduled for Mon, Tues or Wed evenings only

*Organization is responsible for creation/distribution of marketing materials

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